Welcome to the official Full Spectrum Seeds Blog!  I’m Drake Detroit, the breeder behind the flavors of Full Spectrum Seeds.  The Full Spectrum brand is based in Southeast Michigan.  I was born here and my roots run deep in the Great Lakes State.  
This blog will feature original content that we create along with our partners – Humble Jungle Seeds, House of Loud, Sunnyside Extracts, Green Cross Garden, Hemp Jungle, Strangely Rooted, Mail Order Plants, and many more.
I have been collecting seeds and clones of rare and exotic cannabis varieties since the late 1990’s.  At that time it wasnt so easy to find quality genetics, let alone medical-grade varieties.  I used to travel long distances, sometimes crossing state lines and borders to score proper medicinal strains that would treat my specific needs.  There was no legal “recreational” cannabis anywhere in the world, it was totally underground.  Michigan passed proposal 1 in 2008 allowing the medical use of cannabis.  They issued the first State of MI Medical Cards on 4/20/2009.
The first sanctioned, legal, recreational cannabis competition was held in April 2011 in Colorado.  I made the trek to Denver to see how it might look when Michigan went legal.  Many independant “compassion clubs” opened in Mi at this time, some of which still operate to this day.  It was the opinion of most LEO’s that we were on the wrong side of the law and they did everything in their power to fight legalization.  There was a terrible stigma associated with legalized medical marijuana.  Countless people lost their freedom, their families, and some lost their lives
I opened my first medical dispensary on the east-side of Detroit, Mi in 2011.  The same year Bert’s Warehouse in Eastern Market hosted the inaugural Michigan High Times Medical Cannabis Cup where we entered Sour Diesel into the Sativa competition under the ‘Michigan Medicine Man’ brand.  The crooked Vice Squad of DPD put on their jack boots and declared no medicating or vending would take place.  One of my fellow vendors who traveled from Colorado to support our cause got ticketed for distributing marijuana paraphernalia.  Bert, HollyWood, Cannabis Counsel, High Times, nobody could get the plain-clothes thugs to stand down.  It was a wake up call to patients and caregivers that we needed to speak up for ourselves and put a stop to the persecution we were experiencing as a result of our “legal” use of cannabis.  
In 2012 Detroit passed proposal M, which made posession of 1oz or less the lowest police priority.  It added a layer protection that the MMMA didnt offer and paved the way for the market as we know it today.  At that time, Detroit and Ann Arbor were the only cities in the state with thriving legal industries.