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Running a Cannabis Business

Professor DeBacco

Job Description
CEO (Chief Executive Officer):
This leader role is responsible for all internal and external relationship for the company
They oversee the performance of sales, marketing, operations, productions, and finances

Day-To-Day Activities
Develop, review and refine the company’s business strategy
Ensure proper execution of plans
Provide leadership and oversight to other department operations
Enforce legal regulations
Submit budgets and forecasts
Maintain company’s goals and ethics
Develop performance expectations
Ensure brand visibility

Qualities That a Person Must Have
Masters degree in business administration, finance, or organizational development
Experience in leadership positions
Excellent communication skills
Ability to work independently and with others
Well organized and disciplined
Ability to manage diverse employees with a range of skills
Drive and motivation

Connection to the Cannabis Industry
The CEO is the face of the company, and overall can decide how the company runs and operates at the highest level.

The CEO sets ethical standards for the company, creates goals for the company to achieve, and keeps the company at a competitive spot within the industry.

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