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Product Sales Division of a Cannabis Business

Professor DeBacco

Job Description
Marketing Manager
Responsible for branding and registering products for sale
Packaging Manager
Responsible for verifying appropriate use of labels, components, and products

Day-To-Day Activities
Marketing Manager
Creates principal display panels and secondary labels
Registers brands with the DCP
Photographs products
Updates website and social media
Works with contractors for developing promotions
Creates product mockups
Packaging Manager
Reports progress and facilitates workflow
Verifies product counts
Assists in production paperwork
Responsible for knowing packaging details
Ensures appropriate equipment is being used
Inspects product and reports any inconsistencies

Qualities That a Person Must Have
Degree and 3-5 years experience
Must be at least 21
Willingness to participate in a background check
Experience in the marketing of packaged goods
Knowledge of FTC and FDA regulations
Proficiency with photography, photoshop and graphic processing
Experience working with social media
Must be creative, work within timelines, and communicate with others effectively

Connection to the Cannabis Industry
Product sales are correlated to patient needs.
Ensuring that the products that flow through the facility are relevant to the consumer base is necessary for a reputable and profitable company.

The industry is ever-changing, and the product sales team must constantly be adapting and improvising the currently available products, while inventing new products that appeal to the consumer base.

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