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Direct Transfer of Cannabis Clones Upon Arrival

Professor DeBacco

Inspect Clones
If clones are in good shape and can handle the transfer stress this can be an efficient method.
Inspect the roots

Make Sure Clones Have quality Roots
If roots are still not fully developed this would be a reason to potentially hold off on directly transferring the clones to the grow site.

Weather can influence how direct the transfer is
Transitioning plants from initial arrival to an outdoor growing location may be best on a cool and cloudy day.
This will help reduce overall stress on the initial planting day.

Ease the Transition
Do not panic if there are some color changes
Stems may turn purple indicating initial transplant stress, especially if planting in an outdoor environment.

Indoor locations
Watch the initial light intensity to reduce the chance of burning the tender plants leaves.
If the lights are not dimmable simply putting some shade netting or a thin sheet can help reduce the chance of leaf damage.
Keep any materials closer to the plants than the lights to avoid the chance of fire.

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