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Crop Consulting in the Cannabis Industry

Professor DeBacco

Job Description
Consultants assist growers the selection of plant material and can offer what may work best for the growers given conditions.
This typically involves field based evaluations of growing practices in season.

Day-To-Day Activities
Addresses patient concerns and questions regarding the challenges they may be seeing currently in the growing environment.
Provide product expertise and knowledge to growers by offering suggestions to help alleviate the current issues that may be observed
Maintain privacy and confidentiality of sensitive information
Accurately enter all provided data (soil tests, yields, irrigation,…) to help develop a personalized plan of action for the grower.

Qualities That a Person Must Have
Positive attitude and a strong work ethic
Can handle the weather extremes while out in the field during the entire year.
Familiarity of their states medical marijuana program and laws
Extensive knowledge on the different strains available and the conditions that may be preferred by some.
Ability to recognize signs of potential problems in the future.

Connection to the Cannabis Industry
Cannabis consultants are the direct link between the growers and their crop.
Being able to recognize current and potential problems and offer corrective measures is important.

In addition being available to growers to ensure potential sudden problems can be addressed when timing may be key to the control of the issue.

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