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Cannabis Ruderalis Explained

Origin of Ruderalis
Cannabis ruderalis is native to areas in Asia, Central/Eastern Europe, and Russia
Ruderalis is believed to be a descendant of indica genetics
However, originally, cannabis ruderalis was considered a wild breed of cannabis.
Ruderalis based on its northern region of origin had to adjust to harsh climates and the shorter growing seasons.
It has been brought indoors to influence new hybrid varieties.

Plant Morphology
1-3ft tall
Thick and sturdy stems
Shaggy growth pattern
Automatically flowers after 21-30 days of vegetation
Harvest ready at 70-110 days from seed
Buds tend to be smaller but well supported by the plant

Popular Cultivation Locations
Key is that Ruderalis flowering is based on days old and not photoperiod.
Commonly referred to as “autoflowers”
Commonly used in late plantings in outdoor locations (due to naturally changing photoperiods)
Small size makes them great for indoor “tent” growing locations
Due to general popularity breeders are utilizing these plants to cross with some of the other high potency options to create the best of both worlds.

Common Ruderalis Cultivars
Lightning Autoflower
Purplematic CBD

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