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Cannabis Education

Professor DeBacco

You Are in the Right Place;-)
Goal of the channel is to provide a quality education
Regarding cannabis this can be difficult
By connecting to established scientific information this can help propel the expanse of cannabis education forward.

Avoid Opinions
Sometimes opinions and anecdotal information can be hard to separate from scientific based information, so be sure to trace a source of the information presented.
Goal is to base information in scientific research
This can be difficult to find and also read

Google Scholar is Powerful
This is a great search engine to be able to quickly find articles on a topic that are science based

One Good Article Can Lead To More…
When you find one article that you like be sure to look at the sources for potentially other related articles.
This can lead to an expansive list, but can help provide a well rounded education.

Scientific Articles Provided
When scientific articles are presented here they come with proper reference citations so you can easily find them as you are welcome to use these as a staring point.
Summaries are provided, but you can get into more detail… if interested;-)

Higher Education that Utilize DeBacco University
University of Connecticut
New York Botanical Gardens
Florida Gulf Coast University

Link to Lecture Slides:

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