What does “Full Spectrum” refer to in terms of cannabis-derived CBD?

Full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, narrow-spectrum are terms that refer to the relative levels of minor cannabinoids to major cannabinoids.  This article will concentrate primarily on consumer products rather than go into the different steps of refinement.  Full-Spectrum products are generally less refined and narrow-spectrum products are generally more refined.  They can be manufactured using solvents, water, or solventless.  Full, broad, and narrow spectrum can also refer to a manmade mixture of different substances but for this article we will focus on end products containing naturally-derived, unadulterated concentrates.

Full Spectrum Cannabis Products

A full-spectrum cannabis product is one that contains a full, natural profile of cannabinoids and/or other organic compounds.  These products generally range from crude to lightly refined crude.  Full spectrum products are the most active products available to the end user due to the interaction of many different compounds with our endocannabinoid systems.  They are usually priced higher because only the best raw products are selected for use in full spectrum end products. We sell full spectrum cannabis products in our online store.

Broad Spectrum Cannabis Products

A broad-spectrum product is one that contains multiple cannabinoids and/or other organic compounds but has had some part of the natural spectrum removed or reduced by means of refinement.  These consumer products are still effective with several active ingredients.  They are usually priced in the mid-range and most products in the medical market will be within this group.

Narrow Spectrum Cannabis Products

Narrow-spectrum products contain 1 or more cannabinoids.  The rest of the natural profile has been removed in an industrial process of refinement or remediation. These products are the most widely available around the world because of CBD’s widely accepted status.  Narrow spectrum products generally contain a mix of CBD-a and CBD, but may also contain THC-A, D9THC, or other minors.  These products are available in higher strength or TAC (total active cannabinoids) than the other 2 categories.  They are economically priced due to the availability of high quality, domestic CBD, legalized nationwide by the Farm bill of 2018
Each category has its pro’s and con’s depending on the viewpoint of the consumer. The US is poised for full spectrum domination in the world market because we have the most innovative farmers on earth.  Next time you see a cannabis farmer thank him, you might be the only person thanking them all day.