Spring is right around the corner, it starts March 20 to be exact – And who do you want in your corner? Full Spectrum Seeds of course! And who’s gear are we running in our own R&D gardens? Lately it’s been all Humboldt Seed Company out of Northern California’s Emerald Triangle. Founded way back in 2001 they are on the tip of the cutting edge of cannabis research.

Here are some new strains from HUMBOLDT SEED CO that we have been watching for. These EXCLUSIVE strains are only available as feminized seeds for now. Over the next few weeks we will be discussing some of the strains we will sow for this outdoor season.





-to name a few

HELLA JELLY’s hella strength and PPD’s exotic terp profile are benchmarks from which to build strong foundations for future generations of high quality, stable genetics. And that’s just what they’ve done with JELLY DONUTZ and BLUEBERRY PANCAKES.

JELLY DONUTZ takes the fast flowering sativa HELLA JELLY and brings it together with the WHITE RUNTZ to create a powerhouse of modern cannabis genetics. An ongoing 3-year pheno hunt project between HSC and Casa Flor has blessed us with this stabilized Bx2 release. Boasting a 35% THC content and up to 6% yield washed from fresh frozen, awards are guaranteed to hit like a wave this 2023 harvest season.

BLUEBERRY PANCAKES – the newest release from HSC’s long list of blueberry crosses comes from the same parents that brought us BLUEBERRY MUFFIN, HUMBOLDT DREAM and STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE is now available as a 3rd generation (Bx2) which means BIG plants with LOUD fruity terps and 30%+ THC. This hybrid PPD and SLURRICANE will capture immediate Legendary status among giants.

No matter where you are geographically, you are watching your local cannabis market undergo change. New growers of all types are establishing themselves every second of every day. Producers often find the need to stack the deck in order to compete with the “big ones” on a level field. New and cutting-edge genetics have been proven useful as tools empowering the cannabis entrepreneur to set themselves apart from competition. Now in 2023 (and beyond) amidst market volatility, it is more important than ever to find the right strains which will maximize your bottom line. Whether you are a first time medical home-grower or a multi-state excess operator, the decision of where to source your genetics should not be taken lightly. Lights are lights and plants don’t really care what nutrients you use. The ONE and only thing you can do to elevate your operation is to have the right genetics for your intended purpose.

FULL SPECTRUM SEEDS is here to assist you, anytime. Regular, Feminized, and Autoflower Seeds from HUMBOLDT SEED CO and others are available on our secure online store.

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