Most will argue that genetics are the most important part of any cannabis grow.  After all, if you buy the best lights and use the best fertilizer; the wrong genetics could hold you back. At we believe it’s not just one thing, it’s everything that has an effect when growing cannabis.  In this article we will give some tips on how we make a proper selection for cannabis seed genetics and stack the deck in our favor so no matter what cannabis plant you choose to grow you can get the most out of them.

cannabis seeds with great genetics


To most growers it will come naturally to pick a cannabis strain with high yield, or heavy terps, or vigor; maybe you want it to smell a certain way, like a dead skunk or a pineapple.  Some people desire a cannabis plant with little to no smell.  There is rarely a right or wrong choice, but always lots to consider in selecting which cannabis plant genetics will work best for your specific needs.  If you find several different cannabis strains works best for you then that’s ok too.  For a beginner it’s best to stick to one or two strains and learn about how they react to your environment before you try “one of everything”.

Many do not consider environmental factors such as where was the cannabis seed/plant grown or was this starter cannabis plant propagated indoors/outdoors?  If selecting cannabis seeds, how old is the seed? Was it properly stored since harvesting?

If you are growing outdoors and use seeds from cannabis plants which were propagated indoors you might have a hard time with premature flowering or damage from sun, wind, frost etc.

If you are growing indoors and use plants which have been propagated outdoors you could bring in pests or diseases  that could quickly colonize and reproduce in an indoor, climate controlled environment.

cannabis grown outdoor tent


Terroir is a french term which literally translates to “The soil” or “The land.”  In practical terms it means the complete natural environment where cannabis is produced, including factors such as the soil, topography, and climate.  When selecting genetics, you want cannabis seeds or plants that come from an environment similar to yours, ideally a location in close proximity to where you will plant.  Of course you can grow plants from anywhere or anybody but careful selection of which seed genetics you choose will shorten the time it takes a strain to acclimate to your specific terroir.

Some plants or cannabis strains will thrive in less than ideal conditions.  For instance, if you are preparing to plant near a tree line you may find that cannabis seeds acclimated to growing on the north face of a slope do better for you than seeds that grew in full sun.  

If you have a very humid environment, you may find that seeds produced in the high desert can’t handle the humidity or bug pressure of your location.

cannabis growing on farm


A little careful planning and preparation goes a long way in maximizing profits at cannabis harvest and beyond.  In farming, there is no such thing as cheating so stack the deck in your favor.  Some cannabis farmers will plan 5 to 10, even 20 years ahead of time to wait for the absolute best possible time to make a decision. If you want some help creating a plan for your grow, contact us, and we’ll do our best to advise you. We also offer grow kits, if you want a turnkey solution to start growing cannabis.

cannabis harvest

Happy Harvest!

It’s rarely the biggest cannabis plant or the one we pick as our favorite that produces the best product in the end.  The more things you try along the way will make you a better, more prepared marijuana farmer who can adapt to change.