Whether you are starting to grow cannabis seeds indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse you want the most vigorous starts possible.  Always start with high quality locally grown organic cannabis seeds.  A strong seed will lead to a highly productive plant.  Seeds grown in natural, real-world conditions are tougher, stronger, and more adaptable to environmental extremes.  Climates are changing rapidly and each year brings more extreme conditions of drought, flood and temperature swings.  Most experts agree it will become even more volatile in the coming decades.  

Cannabis Seed ready to plant

In natural farming and KNF we aim to maximize the strength of the seeds using natural processes that properly used can harness the power of mother earth.  For instance conventional growers will start seeds in a wet paper towel or soak in water.  This typically causes seeds to be leached of vital nutrients.  They may germinate quickly; but will be outperformed by similar seeds sown directly into soil starting mix.  SES can be used before mechanical planting, hand planting, transplanting, broadcasting or any other method of sowing.

Getting cannabis seeds ready to plant.


It is imperative for farmers to initiate germination at the right time of the season depending on plant type, variety and climate.  No matter what seeds, always pre-treat with SES from Full Spectrum Seeds  .SES is a 4 part solution of BRV (8ml/gal) FPJ (8ml/gal) and OHN (2ml/gal) diluted in water.  FAA or WsCa may be added if seedlings have become weak.  The length of soaking is dependent on the size and thickness of the shell and should be tested to each seed and environment.  Generally, seeds will be treated between 15 minutes to 8 hours before sowing.  Seeds can be drained and planted while moist or air dried to aid in broadcast or mechanical planting.

Full Spectrum Seeds SES is available in 1 gallon and 2 gallon kits.  1 gallon is enough to treat 1-3 kg of seed which is enough for a year’s supply for most home and hobby growers.  Always mix a fresh batch of SES for every round of seeds to avoid cross-contamination.  Excess prepared SES can be applied as KNF maintenance solution.  Buy Full Spectrum Seeds SES Seed Treatment Solution online.


We use organic Japanese BRV (brown rice vinegar) aged underground in clay pots.  Our FPJ (fermented plant juice) is prodcued in small batches from fermented hemp shoots in vegetative growth.  Our premium OHN (oriental herbal nutrient) is made from the extract of cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, garlic, licorice, angelica.  It is aged for 4 years making it twice as strong as our competitors.  
For optimal results use up to 3 applications before and after planting of SOS soil treatment solution (IMO, FAA, LAB, Manure, SeaWater, and more)  SOS soil treatment can be applied at middle and later stages of growth to maintain soil vitality.

healthy cannabis plant grown from seed
Healthy cannabis plant grown from seed

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